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The saftey of our pets is our number one priority here at Love Buster Inc so we try to stay up to date on all of the Food and Treat recalls out there that are issued by the FDA.  A few things to be aware of:


  • Jerky Treats:  The companies that make these treats usually purchase their meat products from China which has proven to be a problem.  Thousands of dogs have either been sickened or have died from these treats.  China is a known constant contamination violator in regards to the meat products that come from there.  Especially the chicken products so be aware of the products in EVERYTHING you buy for your pets.  Reading the ingredients is so important to the health of your pet and can save you money in the long run.  By feeding your pets high quality pet foods such as Wellness or Merrick your pet will stay healthier and can cut down on taking trips to the vet with stomach issues.  There are links below with information on food and treat recalls.


  • Dog/Cat Food:  I have been doing a lot of research on dog/cat food for some time now and have completely changed what I feed my animals as a result of that research.  I must say before I go any further that I am not a Veterinarian nor am I trained in the nutritional needs of animals so if you are thinking about changing your pets diet PLEASE CONSULT WITH A VETERINARIAN FIRST!  I look through the links below and check them on a regular basis to make sure that what I am feeding my animals has not been recalled.  I also started checking the complaint status of any food I am thinking about buying.  We were feeding our dogs a particular type of food that was supposed to be holicstic for many years until I did research and found out it was one of the most recalled brands and dogs have actually been sick from this food.  There are plenty of sites out there that have all of the information that you need to check out what to feed your dog.  I will try and keep those links listed here for you.  Make sure you do tons of research on the brands you are thinking about feeding your animals and TALK TO YOUR VET FIRST before making any changes. 

Food & Treat Recalls

FDA Animal & Veterinary

Food Research Sites
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