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Spay/Neuter Fund:


     Will assist or pay for spay and neuter surgeries for Kern County rural shelter dogs/cats.  Rural animal shelters do not have the funding to fix the homeless and surrendered dogs/cats that come in to the shelter due to small budgets.  Rescues will not take dogs or cats that are not spayed or neutered and the rural shelters have no foot traffic for adoptions.  These shelters rely on donations from the public and organizations such as ours to either pay for the procedure or help pay the costs so the animals can be rescued and not euthanized. Donations can be made directly to Delano Vet Hosp by calling 661-725-8614 (for Buster's account), or through PayPal.



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    Medical fund:















  • Veterinary costs are always an issue here as well.  All rescues and fosters pay for this out of their own pockets and it can be very costly.  We like to help them pay those bills so they can get these dogs/cats adopted and save more lives from shelters.  Rescues will take dogs/cats from shelters that may be sick but can be treated so they do not get euthanized.  If they are treatable there is no reason these dogs/cats cannot get a chance to be loved and live with a family who will love them.


  • Food & Foster supplies are in use all year round between puppy/kitten seasons, and the shelter and homeless animals the fosters house and take care of to get them ready for rescue.  You can use any of the links below to donate any food or pet supplies. 


  •  Transportation costs are a never ending expense but a good one!  If rescues are transporting this means those dogs/cats are going to forever homes!  Unfortunately those costs add up with vehicle wear and tear, gas costs, etc.  Rescues pay for all of these things out of their own pockets and that is when we come in to help these rescues try and recoup some of that money so they can continue saving lives.  They can not do it without the help of the public and we could not do it without you either!  If you have any questions regarding transportation please do not hesitate to contact us.  We do not transport but may be able to get you in touch with someone who can help you. 






Always needed:


 We are always using donations to purchase the following items for shelters, rescues, and fosters:


Dog/Cat Food



Dog/Cat Bowls

Dog Leashes/Collars/Harnesses

Dog Sweaters

Flea/Tick Spray, Drops, Collars

Crates (Wire & Carriers)

Dog/Cat Carriers (Plastic and Fabric)

Puppy pads

Puppy/Kitten food/formula

Foster cleaning supplies




     We are located in Bakersfield, Ca












 Will assist or pay for sick, injured stray/rescued dogs and vaccinations.  Rescues will pull sick/injured animals from shelters because they know they can be saved with the right care and medical attention.  Rescues pay for these costs out of their own pockets and we help cover those costs for them so they can continue to save animals.  We all work together to make sure the shelter animals get the treatment they need so they can move on to their forever homes.  We are always in need of donations we cannot do it without you.  Donations can be made directly to Delano Vet Hosp by calling 661-725-8614 (for Buster's account), or through PayPal (donate button)

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